Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A New Jersey Woman Bakes Her Way Out of Foreclosure

With half of the population drowning in debt due to our present recession, others are utilizing their talents to keep their heads above water. After 20 years of living in her New Jersey home, 55 year-old Angela Logan could have lost her home any day, and was desperate to prevent foreclosure. Like many Americans Logan lost her job and was unable to maintain her mortgage.

Initially Logan, her fiance and three sons exhausted their funds in effort to keep her afloat. Logan refused to to give up, and suddenly the idea of selling an apple cake that her grandmother taught her to make years ago surfaced. If she could only sell 100 of these organic apple cakes for $40, she could keep her home.

Beginning with family, friends, and neighbors Logan quickly established plenty of clientele, and business was booming. Before she knew it,she had 500 orders and was overwhelmed with the success of her business. She was able to keep her home, and selling these Mortgage Apple Cakes have become a career for her. Tap into your talent and become an entrepreneur in these economic times.

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