Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nicki Minaj......Should Lil Kim be proud

Drake's Record Deal Details

Apparently Drake is coming into the game demanding respect. According to the LA Times Drake has just signed a sweet deal. He has reported received a $2 million advance. In addition, he willmaintain publishing writes to his music, while only providing a distribution fee of 25% to the record label(s). Most artists bid exactly the opposite, Drake is a business man. What a deal!!!

A New Jersey Woman Bakes Her Way Out of Foreclosure

With half of the population drowning in debt due to our present recession, others are utilizing their talents to keep their heads above water. After 20 years of living in her New Jersey home, 55 year-old Angela Logan could have lost her home any day, and was desperate to prevent foreclosure. Like many Americans Logan lost her job and was unable to maintain her mortgage.

Initially Logan, her fiance and three sons exhausted their funds in effort to keep her afloat. Logan refused to to give up, and suddenly the idea of selling an apple cake that her grandmother taught her to make years ago surfaced. If she could only sell 100 of these organic apple cakes for $40, she could keep her home.

Beginning with family, friends, and neighbors Logan quickly established plenty of clientele, and business was booming. Before she knew it,she had 500 orders and was overwhelmed with the success of her business. She was able to keep her home, and selling these Mortgage Apple Cakes have become a career for her. Tap into your talent and become an entrepreneur in these economic times.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Baltimore's Annual International Festival

Baltimore City's International Festival is being held Saturday and Sunday at Poly/Western high school. Along with celebrating the city's cultural diversity and encouraging unity in the community, this years event features the Mayor's Cup soccer tournament and International BBQ Fest.

- Courtesy of Brian Krista, B

Wyclef Jean .......Gangsta Grillz?????

Have you ever imagined the two getting together?????
Wyclef is aiming to tighten up his fan base. In doing so, he is teaming up with mjixtape king DJ Drama to introduce Wyclef Gangsta Grillz. Can you imagine Wyclef say "Better keep dat over der, betta keep dat over der," like Wayne? What a surprise. Be on the lookout for unreleased clips!!!


Conscious Rappers are getting more recognition these days ........... Common has been selected to replace Michael Franti at the Waterlust Festival in Lake Takoe, California. Apparently Franti had emergency surgery on his appendix last week and will be unable to make it to this festival on July 31, 2009.

The Legendary Big Pun in Theatres

Mark Your Calendars!!! September 15, 2009 is the is the release date of the Christopher Rios Documentary will include unseen concert footage and flattering words and interviews with various artists including DMX, The D-O-G-G (Snoop Dogg), Jim Jones and others. So, of you haven't had the opportunity to familiarize yourself with Pun prior to his tragic heart attack in February 7, 2000, here's your chance. Of coarse your girl Tee will see the movie before it hits theatres. Are you going to see the documentary? Do you think that you know all there is to know
about Big Pun and his legacy.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Welcome !!!!!

Welcome to my blog, where we will keep is strictly about the "latest in hip hop happening and other news that affects our culture." As I deliver my news weekly, this site will enable you to follow the stories that were mentioned in my news and have been updated. If there any events taking place Baltimore or the DMV area, you will know about it. When hot new mainstream or independent artists touch down, tune in to be enlightened about their craft. Here on Strictlytee@blogspot.com, I keep it "Strictly".................you will see!