Monday, October 26, 2009

Oprah Winfrey & Tyler Perry present......PRECIOUS

Last Thursday evening Lionsgate held the premeire of "Precious," which was inspired by the novel "Push." The screening was incredible.

Precious portrayed an illiterate, sexually abused young woman with very low self -esteem. Because she received this treatment from both her mom and dad, Precious believed that she was a lost cause. After attending and alternative school and giving birth to her second child, Precious found that there were people in the world that loved and cared for her .......she found her reason to escape the abuse and PUSH!!

Many of us know someone like Precious, and many times being on the outside looking in we do not take time to assess another person's situation. Precious will be in theatres on November 6th. For anyone that has experienced anything in Precious's life........continue to PUSH!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Terra Cafe' in Baltimore

It's been said that Baltimore City is filled with crime, thieves and poverty.......the Terra Cafe' displays the exact opposite. Serving everything from Omlets to perfectly fried and battered fish.

In speaking with the owner, Terence Dickson I learned that great food and a warm environment was not all that they had to offer. Free WIFI internet connection, exemplary customer service, and occasional live music and open mic is also available.

Go down to the Terra Cafe' located at the corner of St.Paul and 25th streets in Baltimore. The business hours are Monday - Saturday from 9am-9pm. For more information call (410) 777-5277 and tell them that Tee from Strictly Hip Hop sent you.

Former Campaign Manager, ghost writer, and younger brother of well-known politician Lawrence Bell has finally written a book. Last night, Marshall Bell's book signing was a huge success at Baltimore's Terra Cafe.'

His new book entitled "The Darkest Secret" debuted in style with live music, great food, and a wealth of intelligence among black people. It was evident that this successful event was a group effort, as his Bell's mom sold the books, his older brother spoke, and he moved the crowd. While slogan of the event was "Networking With a Purpose," the purpose was clearly served as Bell sold and signed many copies of his book.

For more information about Marshall Bell and "The Darkest Secret" go to and search for Marshall C. Bell. SUPPORT THE CAUSE!!!